We offer full vehicle restoration services for any model vehicle. Check out this 1962 Rolls Royce with custom everything. We created a custom tubular frame, transplanted a Mercedes 300SD drive line and suspension and restored the body to look stock with a few minor upgrades.

This project was completed in just under 6 months. View the complete gallery documenting the days and the progress of the vehicle during the restoration and customization.
Building hot rods and restoring classic cars since 1955.

Our shop has become sort of an icon in the automotive restoration market with so many vehicles coming in and out over the 6 decades we have been operating.  It is a family run business with now the 3rd generation of our family running the business.
We have full machine shop services on site with the ability to rebuild any engine or fabricate any parts that are not available in reproduction or new old stock. When you can't find a new part, we can make one for you. Tools include, CNC milling, Water Jet Cutting, CNC Lathe, CNC Tube & Exhaust bending, 8' Brake, 8' metal sheering, tig, mig and arc welding.